Church Funerals & Religious Services

Why choose a religious funeral?

For many, having faith in religion helps bring them comfort when a loved one passes. Religion can help create a supporting structure at a time of sadness, often with clear directions about what needs to happen and by whom.

If you would like to arrange a religious funeral, Barringtons Funeral Directors can help create a service for any faith or religion, with dignity and respect. We are a multi-faith population, and Barringtons Funeral Directors are proud to support all faiths, and carefully manage culturally sensitive customs.

Can I hold a service in a church, mosque or synagogue, and be buried or cremated elsewhere?

With many church graveyards becoming full, it is quite common to hold the funeral service in your church or religious building of choice, and then have your loved one buried in a local cemetery, or cremated at a local crematorium.

This allows you to have the religious funeral service which feels right for them, without being constrained in your decisions by availability in the graveyard.

It may also be that the person was religious and expressed a wish to be cremated. For some religions this is actively encouraged, such as in Hinduism, whereas cremation is forbidden in the Jewish faith.

Can I get a Vicar or Priest to lead the funeral service at the crematorium instead?

This is a discussion to be had with the spiritual leader of your choice. As long as there is no reason within their own beliefs as to why this cannot happen, most are open to the discussion of leading a service at another venue, if appropriate.

At Barringtons, we have helped families create the perfect religious or spiritual funeral service at non-religious venues.

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