Order of Service

An Order of Service is a piece of stationary, often a printed booklet but can be a simple card or scroll of paper, which lets guests at a funeral see what is being said, by whom, and for many acts as a treasured memento afterwards.

Orders of Service can be a nice thing to send on to those who are unable to make the service in person.

What’s included in an Order of Service?

Orders of Service often contain information such as:

  • The music played
  • Any poems, tributes, prayers or readings, and who they were read by
  • Pictures of the person who has died
  • Details of where to make any donations in their memory
  • Where and when the service is to be held
  • Where any wake or gathering afterwards is to be
  • A quote with special meaning

Barringtons Funeral Directors can help arrange the design and print of the Order of Service on your behalf.

At Barringtons Funeral Directors, we don’t use a limited set of templates when designing an Order of Service – just as each life is unique, each Order of Service is a bespoke design tailored to best reflect the life being celebrated.

If you require any additional funeral stationary, such as thank you cards, pew cards, memorial/poem cards, please ask.

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