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How to bring the body home

Bringing a body home from abroad can be a straightforward process. To bring your loved one home, follow these steps:

  • Obtain an English translation of the Death Certificate
  • Get permission to bring the body home – this is usually granted by a coroner or equivalent in the country where your loved one passed away. A local funeral director will help with this
  • Contact Barringtons in the UK who will advise and liaise with the overseas funeral director in the country where your loved one died. Barringtons will also liaise with HM Coroners and Registrars on your behalf once your loved one’s body has returned home

How to bring cremated remains (ashes) home after an overseas funeral

If your loved one was cremated abroad, but you want to bring their ashes home, you will need two documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of Cremation

This process will depend on the country’s regulations.  Some differ considerably so please ask your funeral director for assistance.

How to bring a body back from abroad for a UK funeral

If a loved one dies abroad, most families will go through the process of bringing the body or ashes home for a funeral in the UK. This process is known as body repatriation

Repatriation simply means returning the person who has died to their country of origin. There are instances where people prefer a burial abroad in their native country. This would mean repatriating the remains from the UK. Barringtons will be able to explain more about taking a body abroad for burial if this is something you wish to consider.  Be warned this can be a costly process, especially if there is no insurance

Once you have all the relevant documentation and permissions granted, you will be able to repatriate your loved one’s body back home. Whether you’re repatriating a body to or from the UK, our full repatriation service will help address your requirements and provide guidance

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