Cremations are a popular choice for funerals

Why choose a cremation over a traditional burial?

Cremations are a popular choice for funerals, especially if there is no family plot available. Sometimes people like the idea of being scattered at a place of special meaning, or their ashes being interred alongside a much loved family member at a later date.

Do I need to choose a special type of coffin for a cremation?

You are welcome to choose from a wide range of coffins or caskets for a cremation funeral, including traditional  or eco coffin , wood-effect, veneer, and even cardboard coffins.

Where is the funeral service held?

You can choose to hold the service for your loved one at the crematorium in what is usually known as a chapel. The chapel will often have facilities to play music, display photos and videos throughout the service, and live stream or webcast capabilities, so that the service can be shared via a private weblink with those who are unable to make it to the service on the day, whether through illness, work commitments, or distance.

Do we have to hold the funeral service at the crematorium, or can we hold the service somewhere else?

It is also possible to hold the service for your loved one at another venue, perhaps one that held some special meaning to the person who has died, such as the clubhouse of their favourite local sports team, and then have your loved one transported to the crematorium for their committal.

You can choose to go with them for this final part, or entrust them to your Funeral Director, who will ensure that they receive a dignified committal, before being entrusted to the team at your chosen crematorium.

What happens at a funeral service at a crematorium?

Services at crematoriums can incorporate elements of any faith, spiritual or religious belief, or can be completely non-religious, depending on what feels right for you as a family. You have the option to really tailor and personalise the service, so that it truly reflects the one you have lost, your relationship and memories with them, and their beliefs. You can choose to make the service as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

At the start of the service, family or loved ones may choose to either follow the coffin into the chapel, or be in the chapel already, and stand as the coffin is brought in. Sometimes, friends or family like to help carry in the coffin, and see this as an honour to the one they have lost. Occasionally, a family may feel as though they would like the coffin placed in the chapel first, and then have everyone enter afterwards.

The service usually includes elements of music, poems, readings or prayers, and talking about what made the person ‘them’. You can choose to lead the service yourself, or you can opt for a celebrant or minister to organise and conduct the service for you.

At the appropriate time in the service, the committal will take place. If the venue has the option, you can choose to have the curtains or voile close at this point, or leave them open. Another option is to lay floral tributes, or letters from children or grandchildren, at this point, to acknowledge the significance of the final goodbye, but keeping the act incredibly personal.

Direct Cremations

Direct cremation is when your loved one is taken into the care of your chosen Funeral Director, and then taken to a crematorium for cremation at a later date. There is no service to celebrate their life on this particular day, but instead a simple and dignified committal.

Direct cremations can be attended by immediate family only, or unattended, where only the staff from the crematorium are present.

Direct cremations are ideal for those not wishing to have a traditional funeral service, but instead perhaps hold a memorial at a later date, using a favourite photo of your loved one, or the urn of their ashes, as a focal point. They are also usually the most cost-effective funeral choice.

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