Registering a Death

Below is a helpful guide to inform you what happens, and things you might need to think about, after someone dies. Barringtons can guide you through each step to register your loved one’s death so please do not feel overwhelmed.

The registration of the death is the formal record of the death. It is done by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the county where your loved one passed away.

Registrar Contact Details for Booking Appointment

  • Essex Registration                             0345 603 7632
  • Hertfordshire Registration              0300 123 4045
  • Cambridgeshire Registration           0345 045 1363

Who can register a death?

People with the legal responsibility to register a death include:

  • Any relative of the deceased
  • A person who was present at the death
  • An administrator at the hospital or care home where the person died
  • The person arranging the funeral – family, friend, executor of the will

What do you need to register a death?

These are the documents the Registrar will require to enable the registration to take place:

What information will be required to register a death?

This is the information the Registrar will require to enable the registration to take place:

  • Date and place of death
  • Full name of deceased (maiden name or any other name they used if applicable)
  • Date and place of birth of the Person who has passed away
  • Home address and postcode of the Person who has passed away
  • Marital Status of the Person who has passed away
  • Occupation of the Person who has passed away
  • Full name, date of birth, occupation of surviving spouse or civil partner

When the death has been registered, what certificates will I receive?

  • Green Certificate for the Funeral Director (Disposal Certificate).
    This will be given to you when you meet with the Registrar to register the death and the original copy will need to be given to Barringtons.
  • Social Security Certificate (White Certificate)
    No Fee – This will be given on all occasions and should be handed in at the local D.W.P Offices with any relevant books
  • Death Certificate
    These may be obtained from the Registrar and the fee is currently £11.00 per certificate. Death Certificates are required as proof of death for insurance purposes, bank account, etc. Currently, original Death Certificates are posted directly to your home

If you use the Tell Us Once service this will reduce the number of certificates you need.  Once you have registered the death, any certificates you’ve paid for will be sent to you.  There’s no fee for registering the death

Certificate for Cremation

When cremation is chosen there are statutory legal forms, known as cremation certificates 4 and 5 which need to be completed by a medical Doctor (or two).  If HM Coroners are involved, often the cremation certificate 6 will replace these. These forms are the responsibility of the Funeral Director to obtain and therefore, we will liaise with the necessary people to have these completed.

If you need assistance in the registration of a death, Barringtons can help with any queries you may have on 01279 860055.

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