Releasing Doves

The releasing of doves can be a very meaningful and symbolic moment when done in memory of someone you have lost.

Releasing of doves can happen at the end of a funeral service, as part of a memorial service, on an anniversary of a death, or at a scattering of ashes. Though of course any time you feel is right to honour someone’s memory, is the right time too!

To some, the release of a single dove can be a symbol of a soul moving on. A pair of doves may represent a couple reunited once more. Multiple doves may represent different family members, those still here, and those no longer with us.

Others find the sight of doves taking flight into the sky to be a peaceful and uplifting experience, the letting go of an emotional weight that has been carried, and gently released now that the funeral has happened.

We always use Lambert’s White Dove Release when a family requests the releasing of doves at a funeral. We have worked with Clive Lambert and his wife Shelley for years, and they take meticulous care of their birds, giving them all the proper training for them to find their way home safely for dinner and a safe perch to rest.

Please rest assured, the doves used are carefully bred and well looked after ‘racer homer’ doves, not wild birds caught for release, and are extremely well cared for. That’s why we don’t use anyone else.

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