Floral Tributes

Floral Tributes

For many, what flowers to have is the next big decision after choosing a coffin, as it’s an opportunity to really personalise the service and reflect the personality of the one who has died.

Did they love a particular flower, or colour? Bright and bold, or soft pastels? If they loved the sea, perhaps a spray of creams, whites, and blues, with sea thistles? Did they love being outside in nature, and therefore ivy and pine cones may feel appropriate?

Were they a keen gardener? Would informal hand-tied bouquets taken from their own garden feel more fitting? Or perhaps a professional display incorporating flowers or vegetables they had grown themselves?

Did they feel that cut flowers were a waste, and pots of flowers which can be taken away afterwards and put in the garden, feel more appropriate?

We have a fantastic florist we can recommend to you who will work within your chosen floral scheme and budget, though of course you are welcome to use your preferred florist if you have one.

What Flowers are Suitable for a Funeral?

Immediate family will often choose a spray of flowers to go on top of the coffin, and maybe letter floral tributes spelling out their name, or NAN, DAD, SISTER, for example.

Friends and work colleagues may choose to send less formal arrangements, such as bouquets, wreaths, smaller sprays and sheaths.

Family Flowers Only

Sometimes families will request family flowers only, so if in doubt it is always best to ask ‘I’d like to send some flowers, is that OK? Where shall I send them to?’

And please don’t be offended if the person organising the funeral politely declines, they may have chosen a charity, and ask that you make a donation in memory of the person who has died instead.

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