When Someone Dies

The steps you take when a loved one has passed away will vary depending on the circumstances. Below is a guide to help you to know what to do and no matter what has happened, Barringtons will guide you and take you through each step

  • In the first instance and regardless of where your loved one has passed away, please just call us – sometimes it’s easier to talk through what needs to happen. Our line is 24 hours so please call (night or day) on: 01279 860055
  • If your loved one is poorly, you may prefer to help prepare yourself by giving us a call, so that you know what to expect when the time comes. Again, please just call on 01279 860055
  • If the death was expected and the cause of death is clear, the process should be quite straightforward and Barringtons will advise you from your very first call
  • If the death was unexpected and the cause of death is not clear, a coroner will be involved. Please be reassured that this is normal. It may mean that you need to wait a little longer before funeral arrangements can be finalised, but you can still make plans and Barringtons will help you ‘step by step’ so that you do not feel overwhelmed

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